We improve involvement of mass media audience is a platform designed for TV channels, radio stations, news portals, organizers of conferences, sports events and summits for designing and publishing polls, tests, music hit charts and quizzes. The platform is designed for real time interaction with all kinds of audience. Now it is very easy to create a poll with just a few clicks and publish it across all your broadcasting services. Add your channel and create your first interactive poll!
Add your channel and create your first interactive poll!
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Who is our platform developed for?


The widget creating system allows you to integrate your poll into a broadcasting program.


Monitor the dynamics of audience opinion changes throughout the program.

Internet portals

Create polls on topical articles, blogs, expert opinions and various events.

Educational institutions

Create polls for your students and carry out topical surveys and votes.

Find out how you can use our platform, if your field is not listed in here.
How does it work?
Create a poll, quiz or any interactive voting and it appears on: mobile app

Just a click and the user is able to participate in the poll, subscribe to interesting channels and programs or view the voting history. website

All current polls, quizzes and votes are published and available for users on both our website and app.


Create a widget on our platform, chose your corporate style and embed it on your website for voting.

Branded app

We can develop an application especially designed for you with your logo and corporate style, polls, and quizzes.

Receive complete statistics from all platforms in real time

The platform automatically summarizes statistics for all polls on your site, website, branded app and your partner resources. You receive precise data on all polls in real time. Moreover, you involve your colleagues – we have developed a handy communication system within the broadcaster’s account.

Voting statistics are available in your account in the form of graphs and tables. You can save the data, print and view it any time you need and use it for your further work. polls are handy, professional and precise!

More opportunities! allows you to precisely estimate the efficiency of your influence and your audience’s interests. You receive accurate program and publication ratings. Your listeners, spectators and readers actively interact with in-app advertisements, and it is an enormous advantage providing you the opportunity to involve your advertisers in publishing interactive ads in the user app.


Use the opportunities of the platform to determine the rating of programs, channels, authors, experts – identify the leader everywhere.


The way your events develop is now in your hands! Create more interactive polls and analyse audience activity in relation to opinions and expert performances.

Real time

Time works for you! Find out who listens and reads you here and now. Get the exact estimation of your audience numbers – isn’t that what you have been dreaming about all the time?


Use our exclusive offer – develop a branded app. Users will see only your interactive polls and your advertisements here!


Advantages of the platform


Now you use phone calls to the studio, polls on sites, SMS messages or order paid surveys. However, it is difficult to estimate the real time audience. platform offers:

Active tool

The ideal platform for creating and publishing polls, votes, quizzes with analysis of audience opinion change dynamics in real time and precise statistical data.

Online monitoring and rating

You receive analysis of audience activity and product effectiveness: you can follow the reaction of spectators, readers and listeners in real time, and precise rating of programs and publications.

Advertising and PR

Your spectators, readers and listeners actively interact with advertisements in user app. Use the platform as a tool for communication with your audience.

What services do you use for attracting audience to programs and publications?

Calls to the studio? Forget it!
Short messages? Enough!
Survey on website?Change to Electo!
Calls to the studio

People are passive, and only the active part of your listeners and spectators call to the studio to share their opinion on certain issues.

Short messages

It is a paid service, and people do not want to spend their money on impersonal polls. Furthermore you need to take a phone, write a short message, enter the number, and often people simply do not want to do this all.

Survey on your website

It is easy to vote on your website, yet it is difficult to find results later, and it means that users cannot compare their opinions and find out complete results.


Mix media group is an excellent platform for monitoring the mood of the audience in real time. Moreover, it is very simple and convenient to use for the editorial office, a survey can be created literally in a minute, even being on air.


A convenient resource for direct communication with the audience. Radio Baltkom places surveys about the most relevant topics every day, and Yes, it helps us a lot!

Latvijas Radio

The most important advantage of polls is speed. Observing the change in the opinion of the audience during live broadcasts, we see how each vote and every word on air are important.

About project

We – developers of, are also active mass media users and often face problems in expressing our opinion, voting for a favourite participant or taking part in a poll. Everything offered requires an extra effort: you need to make a call, send an SMS, turn on the computer and search for something. People are lazy by nature. Therefore, we came up with the idea of integrating all possible ways of gathering opinions about issues in one app.


News and articles on the topic you can find on our pages in social networks.


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