About project

It often happens that you find an interesting topic, you want to vote, but with no result. And there are many reasons why – the service does not work properly, you need to send and SMS or make a call, sometimes the charge is so high that you decide to leave the opinion with yourself. There are as if many variants, yet everything offered requires additional effort.

So we had an idea to join all available resources inviting to share an opinion about any issue in one application.

For receiving full service Electo it is necessary to register a user account. It can be done in three seconds time via social network.

You can vote for various topics offered by using your Smartphone. You can do it at home, sitting on your sofa, driving in a car, at your workplace, at office, when travelling, in a cafe or at the restaurant. Is it convenient? Yes, we enjoy it too!


There are often situations that you listen to an advertisement and you are really interested in the product or service BUT you are driving a car and you can’t record the necessary contact information. When using Electo you become an active advertisement user: you are actively responding.

For broadcasters

In our resource you can find an easy tool for placement of your votes, polls, quizzes, besides you have a constant access to the statistics of the activities. You can receive exact rating of you programs and publications.

Another possibility – active audience monitoring: real time listeners, readers and spectators, as well as the opinion change dynamics during the broadcast.

The users are actively interacting with the advertisement placed on the application: they can save it on their device?, call?, send an SMS to the advertiser?. It makes the advertising on our resource more effective.