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Platform with voting system for mass media has been launched

Company Random Solutions announces launching of the multifunctional platform Electo – it is a resource for creating interactive polls in order to receive precise information about the media audience opinion.

Random Solutions has developed platform that consists of a website for interactive poll creation and mobile application based on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile system.

The platform has been developed for active communication with media audiences - radio listeners, TV spectators, as well as readers of news sites, newspapers and magazines. It is a tool for posting polls, surveys and quizzes with a constant access to detailed statistics. The platform allows you to get exact broadcast or publication rating, find out the audience's views on various issues, and receive feedback from listeners, spectators and readers.

The resource is based on a simple system for interactive questioning on any topic. During its operation on the media the resource becomes available for voting on mobile application and on resource and media website. There is also a web-based program with personal profiles system for creating interactives.

The audience has an opportunity to take part in the polls free of charge and to express their opinion quickly on any issue using the mobile application Electo. Also, have access to the statistics and voting history, you can create interest lists and subscribe for your favourite shows. And the most important, viewers, readers and listeners have the opportunity to express their views promptly and without unnecessary financial expenses.

“In a situation where there is a lack of good resources for rating, we have made a platform for the target audience – TV channels, radio stations, news portals, magazines and newspapers that have their own multimedia space. We must take into consideration the influence of the era – the spectators are also using other devices alongside TV screens, the audience attention is divided, and usually the nearest Smartphone screen wins,” says Daniils Blats, Board Member at Random Solutions.

Project manager Romāns Puškarjovs is sure that today, the views of each listener and spectator can affect not only the rating of an individual broadcast, but also the results of global competitions, therefore the company plans further development of the platform.


Mix Media Group was one of the first platform users. The polls take place on air, video-chats and news portal. For the needs of the company there was developed an iOS and Android system based mobile application – Mix Media Vote.

The platform is also used for actual questionings by national radio LR4. platform was used for voting at the contest Supernova 2017 the winner of which participated at Eurovision 2017.

Company Random Solutions is open for cooperation with all interested persons and companies.

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