Terms of Service

By registering you agree to the following terms of service:

1. Service Electo – a platform for placing interactives and information about your company.

2. Before filling out your profile information and getting started with creating interactives, be sure to read the support section.

3. You agree to:

- provide correct information about your company that does not contain irreverent speech, advertising, calls for religious hatred, discrimination of individuals and nations;

- provide reliable information about channels and programs (title, logo, description);

- place correct information in interactives, relevant to the terms of the service.

4. It is forbidden to:

- place information insulting honour, dignity, nationality of individuals or business reputation of companies and organisations, calls for violence or overthrowing the existing state system.

5. In case you have difficulties or something does not work properly, please contact us using the contacts listed on the "Feedback" page.

6. The administration has the right to disable the account in case of violation of paragraph 3 and 4.

7. The administration has the right to prohibit the prolongation of the account without explanation of the reason. If your account was prohibited the prolongation, do not register a new account, it will be blocked.

8. In its turn the service administration undertakes to:

- provide an opportunity to place the information about your company;

- do not use your information for any other purposes than those indicated on the site requesting your details;

- advertise you interactives on the website.


The list of terms may be added and changed.

The latest version will always be placed on this page.